With 15 years experience working with international companies including Microsoft, and Bank of America, we will help you get the most out
of your events and sponsorships programs.



Event Design

We help design events that are in line with your key objectives: sales pipeline, brand awareness, thought leadership, customer networking and team building.

Event Delivery 

A global network and global experience enables us to deliver seamless events across the US, UK & Europe. 


Sponsorships can generate new leads and showcase your brand. KC/ Event Marketing will work with you to maximize your sponsorship opportunities.



"Katy is a highly professional individual and is incredibly conscientious - the amount of effort and quality she puts in to her work is simply astounding. Good isn't good enough for Katy - it has to be perfect and that is reflected in her having been instrumental in planning some of the most successful, well attended and genuinely fun events and marketing campaigns in Yammer's history."

- Rav Dhaliwal, Slack 


"I worked with Katy while she was the Yammer Events & Sponsorship Executive for EMEA. No matter how difficult the requirements, how tight the deadline or where in the world, she was able to organise the most amazing events I've ever seen. She created whole experiences not just venues packed with speakers, presentations and/or booths. Thanks to her uncanny attention to detail, everything was perfect. Always."

- Marta Texidor, Microsoft


"I thoroughly enjoyed the time Katy freelanced for Zendesk and it didn't feel long enough! She showed focus and dedication to all her projects. Katy's research was thorough and helped to shape our approach to event planning and trade shows. I look forward to working again with Katy."

Patricia Hyde, Zendesk


"I had the great pleasure of working with Katy whilst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Apart from being one of the most personable and generous people I know, she is one of the safest pair of hands around to entrust any marketing and events strategies and needs to. Her attention to detail is second to none, she has great vision and wonderful style in execution. I would have no reservations recommending her."

Amy Clarke, Tribe Impact Capital LLP